21 Oct 2015

First Aid Training

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Last Friday, Year 5 had the fantastic opportunity to learn basic First Aid skills. Jen, from St John’s Ambulance, taught the children how to respond in an emergency situation. The children learn’t how to:

Treat someone having an Asthma attack.
Help someone who is choking.

How to put someone in the recovery position and call an ambulance.

First Aid Training 1

First Aid 2

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23 Responses to “First Aid Training”

  1. 10dominic Says:

    That day was absolutely amazing and I loved it.

  2. 10charlotteb Says:

    A really enjoyed this day I Learnt a lot of important information!

  3. 10elena Says:

    This day was really really fun and I can not wait until we do it again in year 6

  4. 10maddie Says:

    I enjoyed the part were when we helped Charliethe dummy.The day was so fun,thanks Jen

  5. 10chloe Says:

    I really enjoyed first aid because the teacher was really nice and comforting she helped us understand how she worked at St John’s hospital.

  6. Luca Says:

    I really like this video!

  7. 10elisha Says:

    It was fun when we had to save someone that was unconscious and they had to lie on the floor.

  8. Marshall Says:

    That was a fun day, we learnt you to help people when they are chocking.

  9. Charlotte Says:

    I loved first aid because it was really good fun and I learnt a lot of things but I was scared of the dummies.

  10. Ellie Says:

    I had a really good time when Jen come in. My favourite part was when we put our partner in the recovery position.

  11. sophiecoxhead1 Says:

    I really enjoyed learning about asthma attacks,choking and recovery position but it was fun. I would like to do this again and we got to do lots of things like helping each other out.

  12. emilyharvey Says:

    I really liked first aid because I leaned new things and how to help people.

  13. 10eleanor Says:

    We enjoyed having Jen come in and we learnt amazing things. I had loads of fun apparently I am extremely clumsy. At least now I know what to do when my sister if she has an asthma attack.

  14. Mason Says:

    I liked the recovery position

  15. 10rhianna Says:

    I loved learning about choking and Asthma it was really fun and awesome.

  16. 10maddie Says:

    I enjoyed the part were when we helped Charlie the dummy.The day was so fun,thanks Jen

  17. 10Matilda Says:

    It was fun learning first aid with Jen.My best bit was learning the recovery position.

  18. 10charlotteb Says:

    I really enjoyed that day. I learnt a lot of important information

  19. 10Paige Says:

    I had a great time with Jen from St. John’s ambulance,i can’t wait for next year when she comes back.

  20. 10alex Says:

    It was so much fun when we had to give choking
    Charlie some back blows and abdominal thrusts and had to be put in the recovery position.

  21. Jack Says:

    I liked the part where we done the recvery pasistoin It felt really weird.

  22. 10thomas Says:

    I really enjoyed it when we learnt about asthma and I think the whole day went well.

  23. 10chloe Says:

    I really enjoyed first aid because we learnt how to treat some one who was choking and some one who was having a asthma attack. She also told us a lot more about St John`s ambulance.

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