15 Dec 2015

Bike Ability

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On Tuesday 3rd – Friday 6th we had fun doing bike ability. On our first session we stayed on the playground. Our teachers Donna and Camron taught us how do a ‘M’ check. The five checks were front wheel then handle bars after that check your pedals then your seat finally we checked the back wheel. To start off we rode in a square around cones we also practiced signalling. On the second day we began to ride on the road. For the first time on the road we only rode on a minor road we rode up the road but before we started riding on the road we had to do three checks one behind you and then we put our bikes on the road. Then we checked again and got on our bike then set our pedals. Then checked again and set off. We just rode up the road once and then stopped. Then we moved along to doing ‘U’ turns we had to do a lot of checks. On the third day we learnt how to ride past a parked car we set off when we got close to the parked car we had to check behind us, then go a door width away. When we got to the front of the car we had to check the car to see if anyone was in the car. We also learnt how to do a left turn out of a minor road and into a major road as well as this we did out of a major road and into a minor road. On the final day of the amazing week we learnt how to do a right turn this was tricky for me because I’m right handed and couldn’t keep my balance. To begin with we turned out of a minor road which was quite easy. Then we turned out of a major road which wasn’t as easy because if there was a car coming we would have had to stop in the middle of the road. So we knew were to stop we had a yellow strip. As you can see we’ve had a fantastic week and I personally think that this has been the best week ever.

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